Choosing the right vinyl plank for flooring

There are many kinds of wide plank wood flooring, and it is essential to choose something suitable for the style of décor you want the room to have. The flooring color must match well with any other wooden furniture you have in the place. Make sure to get the same color as much as possible so that the flooring and furniture do not clash.

It is crucial to accurately measure the area so that you do not get either too little or too much flooring. Vinyl plank flooring is sold by the square foot; calculate how many square feet you need and then get just a little more to have only in case.

Look at the room and decide ahead of time whether you want a lighter or darker shade of wood. You can get all colors, from very light brown to black to shades of brown that are somewhere in between. As was touched on above, you may have to go with a color that matches the furniture you already have, but if you are building a new home and do not have existing furniture, then you are free to choose what color is best suited to the room.

For many living rooms and dining rooms, it often works better to choose a darker brown or even black, especially if you have a lot of visitors over on a regular basis, or if you have more than one or two people living in the house. Darker floors hide the dirt and mud that tends to accumulate over the course of the day; with whiter floors, you can see every little speck of dust on the floor.

You can buy wooden flooring from regular stores, or you can buy it online from an online retailer. Often online retailers offer better prices than regular stores do, and it is easier to find individual styles and colors online. While shopping online is very easy and is becoming increasingly popular, there are a couple of disadvantages.

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One is that you often must pay for the shipping, and you will need to calculate this into the cost. Once you add shipping into the equation, you may find it cheaper to buy what you need at a regular store. Another thing to keep in mind is that it can be harder to return or exchange the flooring if you get the wrong color or style. While many online retailers do offer refunds if you return the item within 30 days of purchase, you will have to pay for the shipping to return the item.

Maintaining vinyl wood plank floors is much easier than maintaining other types of flooring. Cleaning a vinyl floor only requires a good cleaning solution and a damp mop. Also, vinyl floors are much more resistant to impact damage, which chips and crack quite easily.

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