Replacing floors with the vinyl planks flooring

Replacing the floor in any room of the house is always a nerve-wracking proposition for any homeowner. There are so many issues that must be dealt with when undertaking any type of home renovation that homeowners just want the work to end as quickly as possible. For those who are looking for an affordable floor that can be installed in very little time, then your answer is vinyl plank flooring.

When homeowners plan and budget any type of renovation, every cost factor associated with that project must be considered. Not only do you have to factor in the cost of material, but every labor hour must be accounted for as well. Certain flooring types require more effort to install than others and require more ancillary materials to complete the flooring system.

Installing a hardwood floor can often take several days, depending on the room size and layout of the floor. Since the average homeowner lacks the experience to install a hardwood floor properly, you will probably require the services of a contractor. Homeowners now must factor in the cost of hiring a contractor in addition to the value of the material. Vinyl floor planks, on the other hand, are very easy to install. Most contractors can complete the installation of the floor in a day.

Ceramic tile is another flooring system that takes a great deal of time to install correctly. The combination of mixing thin-set mortar, installing the tile, and grouting makes this flooring system the most labor-intensive. Since the material is also costly, hiring a contractor to lay the floor will not only save you aggravation but will help protect your investment as well.

The application of a grout and tile sealer will also add time to the overall installation. But skipping this step is not recommended since the sealer helps to preserve the look and color of both the tile and grout. As with hardwood flooring, the installation of a vinyl floor planks will save a tremendous amount of labor time.

Once you’ve installed your floor, you can rest assured that vinyl floor planks will last for a substantial amount of time. Their ability to resist scratching and impact damage also makes them an ideal choice for basement flooring. Since they are produced from composite materials, these floors are more resistant to moisture than hardwood flooring. Cleaning these floors is very simple as well, with all that’s required being a good mop and cleaning solution. Some manufacturers produce cleaning kits that include specialized mops and cleaners that are designed specifically for vinyl floor planks.

Now when you consider replacing the floor in a room or if you’re looking to install a no-hassle floor in your basement, then you should consider vinyl plank flooring. Their ability to provide a high looking floor at an affordable price will make your decision seem like a no-brainer.

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