Vinyl plank: the ultimate choice of flooring for your home

Maybe the carpet in your home has taken a lot of abuse or the current flooring you have just needed replacing. Real wood flooring is attractive however it can be very expensive and difficult to install. A perfect alternative, however, is vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl is a composite wood-like material with a special durable coating. It looks a lot like real wood and is oftentimes stronger than the real thing. It is easy to install and a fraction of the cost of genuine wood flooring.

Vinyl wood flooring is a composite or synthetic wood look-alike flooring material. It is produced with many layers of synthetic material fused together. A layer that resembles the grains and imperfections in real wood is applied to the top of a vinyl board to simulate the real thing.

The benefits are that vinyl flooring is highly durable and scratch-resistant. In some cases, like when a homeowner has large dogs, real wood can get very scratched up whereas the vinyl remains to look new. In other cases where the floor takes a direct hit and in overall durability and structural hardness, wood is a better product.

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Vinyl wood flooring is much easier to install than traditional wood flooring and even more so than carpet. The first few boards are laid and locked together and then the installer goes from there in the same direction simply connecting each subsequent piece to the last. Once the entire floor is covered, all individual boards are locked as one and won’t move. Installing traditional wood entails nailing each section to the floor in several places which can take a lot more time and can often not be done by a novice or inexperienced installer.

Another benefit of vinyl is that it is cheap compared to real wood and very comparable to most basic carpet styles. A decent batch of quality vinyl boards goes for about 1.20 to 2 dollars a square foot compared to wood which is almost always over 2 dollars a square foot and can go as high as 4 or 5 dollars per square foot. This does not include installation which can add 40 dollars per hour or more. 

Many national retailers like Lowes or Home Depot offer free installation deals when you buy specific products or offers of installation on any room for a, particularly low price.  If you don’t plan on using these opportunities however the cost to install your wood floors could be more than materials costs.

Vinyl can be installed by the homeowner with relatively little instruction. Some manufacturers or stores will provide informational videos or literature on things to consider while installing vinyl flooring such as which direction the boards should go, the tools you will need, how to start and so on.

Vinyl is a great alternative to real wood floors and can even turn out better than you expected. Some brands, once installed, may not even look different than real wood plank flooring. It can be just as durable and long-lasting as the real thing and is much easier to maintain than carpet.

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