Why choosing vinyl plank flooring?

Most people when choosing a renovation project for their home consider the kitchen a top priority among all their potential projects. A kitchen renovation is a big undertaking and considering which floor to install is an important part of the project that can’t be overlooked.  Believe it or not, the floors you choose for your Kitchen will have as much of an impact on your overall budget as the cabinets and countertops you select.

Let’s consider the factors when selecting among two of the most popular choices for Kitchen flooring; ceramic tile and vinyl plank flooring with each having their own advantages and disadvantages. One major factor that is always on the mind of consumers is the cost of material and labor.

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Ceramic tile can cost anywhere from $1 a square foot and up with the cost for some high-end tiles reaching about $8 a square foot. Then there are the other cost factors to consider such as that of thinnest grout and tile sealer. These materials can all add up to several hundred dollars depending on the size and complexity of your Kitchen floor layout. Installing ceramic tile floors can also be very labor-intensive and should not be undertaken by an inexperienced installer. Therefore, you’re going to have to factor in the cost of hiring a professional flooring contractor into your overall budget.

Vinyl plank wood flooring, on the other hand, costs considerably less than ceramic tile with the most expensive vinyl floors reaching about $5 a square foot. Unlike ceramic tile, vinyl flooring does not require thinnest or even glue to be installed. Homeowners can attempt to save additional money by trying to install this type of flooring themselves.

Vinyl wood plank floors, with their interlocking seams and lack of glue or thin-set, are an ideal project for the beginner handyman. Besides, saving the money that you would’ve otherwise spent on a flooring contractor can now be spent on upgrades for your Kitchen.

Companies today can produce vinyl wood plank flooring that looks incredibly like more expensive hardwood floors.  Hardwoods such as walnut, mahogany, oak, maple and just about any other wood floor type you could think of are now available.  New production and embossing techniques have allowed manufacturers to create vinyl wood plank floors that have the grain and feel of real wood floors. Undertaking any type of home improvement, especially a Kitchen renovation, can be a harrowing adventure.  Being budget-conscious is an important part of the project but it does not mean you have to sacrifice style and design.  For those who are looking for an attractive alternative to the high cost of ceramic tile floors, there is vinyl wood plank flooring to satisfy a homeowner’s every need. Just visit your local home improvement store and let the hunt begin.

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